DAVID RYDER PRANGLEY, Music Producer / Rachel Stamp 

I hired Donna Marie for a music video and she was brilliant. Very friendly, highly skilled, creative and great working with a team. Recommended. 



One of the most creative and lovely people to work with. Hire her, she's awesome!

I booked Donna as the makeup artist on a pop video I shot last week. She did an absolutely stellar job on the talent who looked great on camera, plus having her sunny personality in the room made the whole day brighter and more relaxed. I recommend her highly.

Donna Marie instantly created a warm, enjoyable vibe as we settled to have me made up for my red carpet entrance at the Bond 'Spectre' World Premiere at the Royal Albert Hall. I really wanted a WOW effect, but also to still look like myself (if that makes sense!) Donna Marie took such professional care firstly by consulting thoroughly, suggesting various ideas and then working so meticulously with her extensive make up collection (Which is top quality all the way!) It’s absolutely clear this lady has a genuine passion and talent for her work and boy did I get the results! I’ve been overwhelmed by peoples fantastic comments about my 'Bond Girl' look, so wanted to spread the word here again! If you are thinking of having a make over with Donna Marie I can’t recommend her highly enough! I left literally floating on air and my evening was all the better for feeling so confident about my make up! Thank you so much you gorgeous lady!

LIDIAANA, Singer / Songwriter
Donna Marie’s finished make up look on me was absolutely fabulous! She was super friendly during our session and very confident with her techniques. The colours suited my skin so well and she even covered all my blemishes flawlessly too! She did such a great job an advised me lots on skincare and how to recreate the look myself. I really hope to work with her again!

VERONICA HANDELAND, Sky Sports Journalist:
I enjoyed every minute of working with Donna Marie! Gentle with her cleansing and kept me updated all the time with the procedures and which products were used- thank you!

BORDELLO ROSE, (www.bordellorosemusic.com)
We just wanted to say THANK YOU  for helping us with our hair and make up for the video shoot, everything looks beautiful and we really appreciate your time, it means such a lot to the band, thank you! With love from Bordello Rose: Liza, Dave, Christine and Kamil.

RUMANA: Donna Marie- thank you SO much for everything you did for our Wedding! You did a fantastic job on both hair and make up and were a great support throughout. Thank you.

VERITY DANBOLD, Burlesque Performer:
Donna Marie has a really lovely, humorous manner and is very approachable. Lovely application of make up and the smoky eyes especially were outstanding! Highly recommended.

Donna Marie was SO good! I really loved her colour choices and how well she complimented my dark skin tone. She was the first person able to choose a foundation to match my complexion properly and has incredible brush skills too! Loved my party make up and the lashes, thank you so much, I had a great time and learnt a lot too.

NICOLA DASIHA, West End Musical Actress:
Donna Marie provided thorough consultations on skincare and excellent advice on how to improve my daily skincare regime, as well as which make up works for darker skins. Great foundation match and gentle application- very happy with my Bridal look, thank you!

 Donna Marie was calm and professional. She was very warm and put me at total ease, checking to see how I was at every stage, I’d highly recommend her to anyone wanting great Bridal make up!

Excellent facial treatments and skincare advice to improve my cleansing routine at home. Really excellent attention to detail when applying make up and super friendly conversation! Professional, lovely make up result- congratulations and thanks!

Loved the foundation match and how it wasn’t applied too heavily. Her choice of eyehadows were so pretty too as well as the expert skincare advice and friendly nature- thank you!

I REALLY loved my make up! The eyes looked amazing and I will definitely buy the products Donna Marie recommended to enhance my skincare routine as well as the eye and lip colours, which really suited my fair complexion. Great work, thank you so much.

Donna Marie was extremely kind and caring and its lovely how honest she is with her clients. You could tell she knows her stuff with Asian skin tones and took great care and attention in making sure the foundation and colours suited my skin perfectly. Her application is smooth and gentle and we had great fun, thank you!

Donna Marie always produces really nice results, with good skincare advice and colour combinations to suit your look. Highly recommended.

I really enjoyed the time I spent with Donna Marie whilst she did my make up. The smoky eyed look is really glamorous and I loved how the photos came out- thank you!

Donna Marie is very patient and kind and her finished evening make up look was fabulous. She is very knowledgeable about all skin tones and types and the foundation match for my Asian skin and blemishes was flawless, thank you.

I like everything about Donna Marie’s make up styles! Super nice foundation, eyeshadow and lip colours used for my party look; I didn’t want to take it off!

I really enjoyed the session with Donna Marie and found it a very relaxing experience. I loved our conversations throughout and how thoroughly, but gently she cleansed my face before applying my evening party make up, with great tips and advice to take home. Definitely a look I would try again in the future- top marks! 

Donna Marie gives such good advice on skincare and it feels so relaxing. So nice how she asks throughout the application if you are comfortable and makes you feel totally at ease in her company. Great blending techniques on my Asian party make up, thank you so much, love it!

I loved the overall look for my special occasion. Donna Marie is very engaging and so nice to be with, thank you so much.